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Counsellor Catherine Coombe

Catherine Coombe, MACP, RCC

Counselling for Adults ages 19 years or older

Hi I’m Catherine and I support folks with a variety of different situations and mental health struggles including perinatal and postpartum support, new dads and/or secondary caregivers, those with depression, low self esteem, anxiety, challenges at work (like relationships or chronically changing jobs), and people going through big life changes.

What you can expect from our sessions together

One thing I prioritize with all my clients is making sure they feel welcome! We’ll obviously be getting to know one another in the first few sessions, and I’ll do my best to help you feel at ease during this process. I’ve been told I have a pretty good sense of humour, and we may end up sharing a chuckle or two in sessions. I have no agenda, no strict treatment plan with boxes to tick, my focus is on seeing how you’re doing, and where you're at when you show up for therapy.


A big part of what I do is listen to what’s going on in your life, and shine a light on things that you may not have noticed before. We all have blind spots, I can offer a different perspective, and give you new tools and insights into old problems or issues.

Helping Parents and Caregivers In the Early Days and Beyond

I am here to offer my support and experience to any parent or caregiver - because when a family grows, we all experience the growing pains.

As a working mom of two with a husband and not enough hours in the day some days, I get parenthood on a visceral level. The struggle is real! We ALL need help. My kids are school age now, but those first few years especially are not for the weak of heart. Because of my own experiences, I have a special place in my heart for post-partum mental health. I’ve trained at Postpartum International. And I’m currently working towards my Perinatal Mental Health Certification.


You were never supposed to do this parenthood stuff alone, the phrase “it takes a village” is true - and also - most of us do not have even a neighbour let alone a full group. I can’t be a full village, but I can offer support, understanding, and possibly some extra tools in both your parenting and also your self-care toolkit.

Career Challenges? Let’s Talk

Fun fact about me! Before I became a therapist, I spent 9 years working in Human Resources and the last few were spent working with employee engagement - and also coached folks one on one who were struggling (this is actually what inspired me to become a therapist). Because of this experience, I have a good amount of insight into workplace challenges. I also know what it’s like to be many years into a career - and suddenly realizing that you need to change paths. So if you want to talk about your job, whether it’s office politics, feeling like you’ve hit a ceiling, or that you want to pivot to something different - I’m here for you.

When you feel empowered, you also feel hope

Something I’ve noticed as a counsellor is that so many people are not aware of their strengths. A part of my job that I take very seriously is noticing and pointing out the strengths I see to my clients. When you start to be more aware of what you excel at, this can create more self confidence,

My Education and Background

  • Experienced counselling teens, couples, and young adults struggling with a variety of mental health issues.

  • Trained in a range of therapeutic interventions to help with depression, anxiety, and relationship issues (e.g., CBT, mindfulness, DBT, Emotion-focused, solution focused, narrative therapy).

  • Supported new parents coping with post-partum depression, relationships, and struggles with work transition.

  • Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology from Yorkville University. 

  • Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC).

  • Certified Gallup Strengths Coach. 

  • Over 9 years of experience supporting employees in a human resources role. 

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