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Dr. Elena Starr, Psy.D., CCC

Play therapy

Clinical Director

My Approach

  • While I have been trained in a variety of counselling approaches and techniques, I am a child-centred counsellor at the heart.  This means that I follow the child's lead in counselling and work with them at their pace.  My warm and open style helps children to feel safe and supported by me, which is essential to the counselling process.

  • One particular approach that I often use with children is called Narrative Therapy. It helps children separate themselves from their problems, which makes the problem easier to deal with (or play with!) Together, we figure out how these "sneaky" problems have been messing things up for them, and find ways to make them not so big.

My Education and Background

  • Obtained my master's degree in Counselling Psychology from UBC in 2004

  • Currently completing my doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology at Adler University

  • Certified Canadian Counsellor

  • Member of the BC Play Therapy Association

  • Over 20 years of experience as a counsellor

  • Experienced with a variety of children's issues such as: ADHD, anxiety, depression, OCD, FASD, coping with separation/ divorce, trauma, grief, behaviour challenges, school problems.

  • Experienced working with gender diverse children and teens individually and in group settings.

  • Worked as an elementary school counsellor for 13 years and in a variety of community counselling agencies.

  • Trained to provide EMDR therapy to children and adults (EMDRIA - Child Trauma Institute).


I Understand Because I am a Parent Too...​

I am the proud parent of an amazing teenaged son. Being his parent is by far my proudest accomplishment! I learn from him each and every day.

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